How to create Windows To Go USB drive

Windows 8 To Go USB Stick

Microsoft has taken one step forward in in portability and introduces Windows To Go – that enables users to boot Windows from a USB drive. Windows To Go is an exclusive feature for enterprises that allows to install Windows 8 to USB drive as portable OS though it is not a replacement of traditional desktops […]

How to enable/disable new boot menu in Windows 8

windows 8 boot manager

Precisely the very first thing you notice when Windows 8 starts is the new boot experience. Windows 8 comes with high-fidelity, immersive, touchable UI boot manager that gives the same experience from tablets to laptops to all-in-ones with large, high-definition screens. I was working around Windows 8 Consumer Preview and found a new entry option […]

Start8 – Get Start Menu back in Windows 8

Start8 brings Start Menu back in Windows 8

If you have installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you will notice changes throughout Windows. Some enduring changes have been made like new Start Screen, Internet Explorer 10, SkyDrive integration, DirectAccess, Windows To Go, Client Hyper-V and much more. Old habits die hard and if you just are missing old Start Menu or ORB, then don’t just […]

Windows Defender – A built-in Antivirus in Windows 8

Windows Defender in Windows 8

I’m sure that you may have got your hands on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. As you will notice, Windows 8 doesn’t notify, “Windows did not find antivirus software on this computer.” Because it comes with a built-in AV protection called “Windows Defender”. Shocked! But it is true. Windows Defender is now an Antivirus suite, providing […]

How to add/restore Computer, User’s Files, Network and Control Panel shortcuts on desktop in Windows 8

Step 13 - Traditional Desktop

Finally! No more Start button in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Start Screen – a brand new addition to Windows and it eliminates traditional Start Menu. Start Screen embraces almost all core functionality of Start Menu in more proper way like finding programs and files and accessing system folders, but also eats a small and handy […]