How to unlock all editions from Windows 8 ISO Image

It’s a pain to download gigs of different Windows 8 edition ISO files, right? But when you will finish reading this article, you’ll be happy to know that you can unlock all the editions of Windows 8 from one ISO.

Actually Windows 8 ISO image contains all editions and Windows 8 Product Key defines which edition to be installed. Though the selection screen is locked by default but there is a way to unlock it. In this blog post, I will show you step by step process of unlocking all the edition of Windows 8 from a single ISO.

Windows 8 ISO image contains all editions (Core and Pro) but Windows 8 Setup doesn’t prompt or ask for user selection of which edition of the operating system they want to install. Instead Windows 8 ISO DVD installs the product key specific edition automatically.

After doing some R&D, I have figured out ISOs configuration and cracked it to opt for user direction to Windows 8 editions during installation. It is just like I unlocked Windows 7 ISO but the process is slightly different for Windows 8 Setup.


Note: The following method is legal, and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise.


  • Windows 8 ISO from MSDN / TechNet sites
  • WinRAR / WinZip or other ISO extracting tool
  • Windows ADK (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit)

How To:

  1. Download Windows 8 ISO from MSDN or TechNet sites (both are serving same ISO images)
  2. Use WinRAR / WinZip to extract the image; For instance I extracted image within C:\DVD_Data
  3. Open Notepad to create a file with following content and save as ei.cfg in Sources folder.
  4. [Channel]

    For more information ei.cfg visit: How to bypass product key while installing Windows 8.

  5. Now create the bootable ISO or USB stick and burn your unlocked Windows 8 disc containing both Core and Pro editions.

Windows 8 Unlocked ISO Image

  • Ashish

    Dear Sir, Can I Unlock Editions Core Pro x64Bit from Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64.iso

  • Ashish

    Hello sir, How to remove some Windows 8.1 Editions from Windows 8.1 AIO disk Please Reply.

  • Ms

    I want to create all ver 8.1 dvd/usb, but simply copy ei.cfg as 8 to 8.1 iso should not work. Any idea? Is only one change after create ei.cfg in 8.1. Installer can’t ask for the serial number at the begining of installation.

  • Gautham Surendran

    i did all that but i only have windows 8 core and release preview! HELP!

  • migros

    What do you need the ADK for?

  • disqus_qBQaynlXh1

    Is it ok to just delete ei.cfg from a AIO image.

  • Renosa

    hi if i want to intergrate enterprise and pro/core for both x32 & x64, i must use the above mentined file?
    so the final Disk will have 6 versions?
    and if i want to intergrate and a diferent languge? is the same?

  • Ryan

    i have created but its 3.88 gb is there any problem in giving commands in windows aik?

  • Rob

    Tried several times with Technet Enterprise ISO, but no luck.
    Checked /sources/ei.cfg inside ISO, and it’s right.

    • Ramesh Kumar

      Enterprise ISO contains a single edition only. therefore you need either Core or Pro ISO to unlock all.

  • arun

    dear author,
    i tried the procedure…….
    but when i tried to install its asking the serial and i cant find the pro.
    note: i downloaded windows from microsoft ie release preview

    • Ramesh Kumar

      The method applies to Windows 8 RTM only.