Last time, I blogged The SHA1s and CRC are all different for each Windows 7 x86 ISO and x64 ISO. Why? As I said earlier all Windows 7 ISO images are ALL in ONE images, means The ISOs have all editions of Windows 7. But the question is now that do we have to download every ISO image for each editions and burn separate 8 discs?

After doing some R&D, I have figured out the configuration of ISO’s for a particular edition, so the answer is- You just have to burn 2 discs only to have all editions. One for x86 and one for x64 editions. Just follow the simple steps.

How To:

1. Download any Windows 7 RTM ISO image from MSDN or TechNet websites. Say we have Ultimate edition.

2. Use 7-zip to extract that ISO to a particular folder and go to Source folder and look for ei.cfg file.

EI.cfg is a Windows Setup-specific configuration file used to determine what edition and license will be used during installation. This file replaces PID.txt and is located on the product media under the Sources folder in Windows Vista DVD

To get desired edition-

3. Use Notepad to edit and save this file by change desired EditionID. Valid EditionIDs are:

Edit ei.cfg file

  • Ulimate
  • Professional
  • HomePremium
  • HomeBasic
  • Starter

To get all editions-

4. Just delete the file and finally create the bootable ISO and burn your unlocked disc.

Choose your desired edition

Applies To:

  • Windows 7 family(x86 and x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 family(x86 and x64)

57 responses to “Unlock all editions from Windows 7 ISO image (x86 and x64)”

  1. Igor Avatar

    Thx for your answer. Is there on this site a tutorial how to make a multi-language installation kit? Actually, I need En+Ru+Ro. Will it be enough to merge “sources” folders into a single one?

  2. Igor Avatar

    I’ve a question:
    By removing ei.cfg file, how would installation process detect what kind of license do we have: retail or oem?
    Does it mean, that the distributive will work with both, oem and retail keys?

    1. Admin Avatar

      If you have unlocked Retail ISO or downloaded from MSDN/TechNet, the distributive will work with all type of liceneses. You can check your DVD contains EULAs for all kind of licenses.

  3. sha Avatar

    i dont see ei file in my win 7 ultimate. How to find ?

    1. Admin Avatar

      You may have OEM disc instead of Retail disc/ISO.

  4. Jason Barsby Avatar
    Jason Barsby

    Yes, works a treat. Well done. I have been looking to make a universal Win 7 install disk for a while and this works great. I actually copied the contents of my Windows 7 home premium DVD (x86) to a folder on the dektop, then removed the file in question, then re-built an iso from the files, using IngBurn. It worked out I was making an install image and prompted me to make it bootable. I did so by extracting the bootfile from the original Win 7 DVD and made the image ok. Then finally used ImgBurn again to make a new DVD which boots fine and offers all flavours of the OS during the install. Great for re-installing Starter edition on netbooks. Thanks a million. J.

  5. Sandy Avatar

    It only changes the name of the version, but not it features
    I change it name to Home premium to Ultimate.
    But only the name changed all features remain same.

  6. hbk Avatar

    I have a windows 7 with ultimate x86 an d x64. I cant find ei.cfg in the sources folder. Please tell me how to make AIO in this case.

    1. abinash Avatar

      bcoz u hav purchased it from a pirated reseller in ur local market by giving 50 bucks

      do 1 thing download it from MSDN or technet site then remove the ei.cfg file thats it it will rock

  7. whynot Avatar

    I have the product key for windows 7 starter, but not the disk.  It is on a notebook.  I have a copy of windows 7 Pro [purchased disk oem].  Can I download the contents of the cd into a folder and do this to make a copy of windows 7 starter so I can reinstall the notebook

    1. rk Avatar

      OEM discs contain a single edition, that they sell… in your case its Professional. So you can’t make it.

    2. whynot Avatar

      I can’t seem to find the download.  Could you please assist

  8. Aaron V Avatar
    Aaron V

    Neat little guide.

    So far I’ve integrated 33 versions into one DVD.

    All versions of Windows 7 (x86 & x64), including Enterprise. All ‘N’ versions, and all ‘E’ versions. Right now attempting to streamline the ‘K’ and ‘KN’ versions, so 45in1?

    Hope it works!

  9. CrossDraw Avatar

    Too bad in using the key from “product.ini” will make it so that you will either need to buy a valid ultimate license key or reinstall in 30 days… The keys in the “product.ini” file are “default” keys they are the keys that setup will use if yo fail to provide a key during the install, they are intended to allow you an install when you don’t have your legit key available but DO have one, and it then gives you 30 days to get/find it. Using windows anytime upgrade works with this key for the same reason, but just like a regular install it will need a “real” key within 30days or windows will go non-genuine/etc. you can verify this yourself by right clicking on the computer icon and choosing properties and then scrolling to the bottom of the computer/os info to where it shows your licensing status. Which will say something to the effect of you having XX days to activate(“Default” keys do not activate)

    1. Albert Avatar

      I have a windows 7 ultimate that contains both the 32 bit and 64 bit system…how can i unlock the other versions from it.I’v tried locating the file ei.cfg but its not there in the source folder.what can i do?

  10. LovePhD Avatar

    I also found inside the “source” folder a “product” .ini file that included all the license keys for all versions on win 7.
    I purchased win 7 pro online and downloaded it (it’s a .iso image) and saved it so I could burn in to a dvd. After you do the above stated stuff(like deleting the ei.cfg file so that the new .iso I created functioned as a win 7 disc for al versions of win 7) I did the “anytime upgrade”, as I was upgrading from my Win 7 pro to Win 7 Ultimate, entered the license key that I found in the downloaded .iso and it worked perfectly! Totally license and real version. This was all tested on a LICENSED and not cracked version from Microsoft, just fyi

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