Last week, we conducted 4th Giveaway (Christmas Giveaways Week 4) and prize was Windows 7 Ultimate DVD. Finally wait is over…

It was too difficult to choose one lucky winner out of all respected participants, but winner could be only one and Winner is-

Kevin J

You have won a set of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs with Genuine Product Key, that will be shipped to you soon. Congratulation and merry Christmas to all. We’ll come back soon with few more gifts on New Year Eve.

Stay tuned!

12 responses to “Giveaway Windows 7 Ultimate DVD Winner Announced”

  1. ArvindK Avatar

    congrats buddyyyyy….
    U r d 1….

  2. Rupam Avatar

    conssssssssssss kevin……!

  3. Vic Avatar

    Congratulatin Kevin J.

    And Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

  4. Ed Avatar

    Congratulations Kevin !
    May you enjoy your fabulous prize !
    Great giveaway Ramesh ….. looking forward to the next !

  5. Ken Falco Avatar
    Ken Falco

    Congratulations to Kevin J! Great WindowsValley.

  6. stammer Avatar

    Congratz to Kevin J. Enjoy you copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. Thank you Ramesh Kumar (this was a very nice offer).

  7. Kevin J Avatar
    Kevin J

    Thanks so much WindowsValley. You have made this christmas so special for me.
    Thanks a ton once again.

  8. bousaid Avatar

    congratulations Kevin J

  9. snooker Avatar

    congratulations Kevin , thanks Ramesh for the offer

  10. leofelix Avatar

    Sincere congratulations Kevin J and once again thank you Ramesh Kumar


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