Today we have a special giveaway for you; last week, Microsoft launched Office 2010 and Office Web Apps. But the sensation is not over yet, Microsoft India has offered 1 NFR License of Office 2007 Home and Student for our India Readers, which will be freely upgradeable to Office 2010 once it releases in coming June.

Office 2010

You can get this, by just following these simple steps.

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  3. Comment on this post and share your most favorite features or enhancements of Office 2010. In short, “Why do you like Office 2010?”

Additionally Community Blog Buzz for Office 2010 is hosting Virtual Tech Event, featuring Office 2010 and its new features this week on May 25th and May 26th. Join it and know more deeply about Office 2010. It is FREE to attend and people can participate either online or by going to the nearest available center. The sessions will be delivered by MVPs. To register please visit:

In June, limited cities will be hosting Community Launch Events for Office 2010. At the launch events, attendees will get to see Office 2010 in action. The details are available on

We would suggest you to attend these events and webcasts, as they help to you to learn how to do their work better with Office 2010.

NOTE: The giveaway is valid for India only.

32 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student Edition”

  1. Harpreet Singh Khandiyal Avatar
    Harpreet Singh Khandiyal

    Office 2010 is awesome the new features and would really like to have a copy of the same.
    The feature that I like the most is the Outlook conversation view. It helps me groups all my conversations together.


  2. Mysorean Avatar
    Just in case you thought I skipped any step! :)

  3. Mysorean Avatar

    I was really intrigued by the office mobile feature. There are so many times that I have wondered why can’t I work on my docs on phone. This one feature is enough for me to do all the simple steps suggested by you! :)

  4. SilverGoldi Avatar

    Great work by microsoft india that they are providing licence of office 2007 for mvp which is then upgraded to office 2010 , cause office 2010 is best one with all goodies

    But i dont like the thing to ask to follow on twitter or facebook cause its really like bossing & ask readers to do follow as an employ for the licences

    1. Author Avatar

      You didn’t read the terms carefully, it is asked to share the story on Twitter or Facebook

  5. vipul Avatar

    I want to use office 2010 due to new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 the Social Connector.I want to write emails while keeping track of my family, friends, and colleagues even when I am on work.
    Following You on twitter @vip2200
    Retwitted multiple times.
    Plz give me one, Thanks!

  6. kweeny Avatar

    Hi, a real cool opportunity to win Office2010 in this generous giveaway.
    So much has already been said about its awesome new features, so am dying to try it out.
    Like its built-in Screen-capture tool and the Background removal tool. The features have simple easy-to-use operation and are really handy convenient tools.
    Have subscribed via e-mail and tweeted. Now just hoping to win with your kind consideration.

  7. Dhiraj Sinha Avatar
    Dhiraj Sinha

    An awesome giveaway indeed!!Please do count me in.
    The feature that impresses me most is that one can now seamlessly collaborate on a project with one’s coworkers using webapps over SkyDrive or Facebook.Besides,the “paste preview tool”,which lets one assess how a copied content would look like while keeping the source formatting intact or stripped or merged without actually pasting it!!,is also very enticing.The more widespread usage of the ribbon interface now across all components of the office is also a welcome move.
    P.S.As stipulated I have shared this giveaway on facebook at:

  8. Linu Avatar

    I like the newer GUI plus inbuilt pdf features, but i like the fact that Office 2010 has more photoshop qualities for their Word & PowerPoint programs.

    Thanks.Count me in. Regards.
    Tweet :
    Already subscribe to email newsletter.

  9. fask Avatar

    Thanks for the Giveaway WindowsVally. In MS Office 2010, I Like a lot of features mainly the Paste Preview, Backstage View, New Photo Editing Tools

  10. princeaniket Avatar

    following you on twitter
    username : princeatom


    this giveaway is awesome dear.. getting 2007 and then up gradation to 2010 wow.. double bonanza offer..

    The most important feature is ” the screen shots” in menu bar option in MS PPT which we can directly SNIP, insert and modify(cut and paste) any thing FROM WEB PAGE or desktop,whichever is in background.. the web pages importance is too good,.. and after that use of ” picture tool” ,will come in which we can change brightness and pic style will also change”
    this can help in taking “reference,quotes and pic of important things directly” coz, before it we have to save pic,then cut, and then adjust,, this reduces the effort and is pretty fast,,

    thank you dear for this giveaway