Today, my friend was asking, He lost Windows 7 animated boot screen after Startup Repair. Then he got old Vista style boot screen w/ progress bar. It happens most of time, you have to restore BCD or add Windows 7 entry in boot menu, I did it manully deletion of Windows 7 boot entry and got the same problem. After an hour, a trick has been discovered. It happens due to missing locale entry in boot entry.


How To:

1. After startup repair or restoring BCD, boot in Windows 7

2. Run CMD as Administrator and execute the following command.

bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US

Here are some valid locales
eo-US – Esperanto (United States)
de-NL – German (Netherlands)
en-NL – English (Netherlands)
gd-GB – Scottich Gaelic (UK)

Your locale will differ according to your culture of Windows 7.

3. If you have rebuilt the BCD data store from scratch, so Windows 7 boot loader might be missing MUI for your locale, to get rid of this program. You’ll need to execute the following command under Elevated Command Prompt.

bcdboot <Path of Windows directory> <A valid locale>

For example:

bcdboot C:\Windows en-US

It’ll copy critical boot files including MUI of your locale to Boot directory located at system partition, to create a new system BCD store.

Applies To:

  • Windows 7 Beta
  • Windows 7 RC
  • Windows 7 RTM

— Updated 12/16/2009

7 responses to “FIX: Windows 7 animated boot screen is missing or switched to Windows Vista boot screen after Startup Repair”

  1. Ichbin EsNicht Avatar

    There is a mistake, the correct command must inlude the language switch, like this:
    bcdboot C:Windows /l en-US

  2. shah Avatar

    Ive tried to restore but it says acces is denied what to do next ? Tell me asap ???

    1. Ramesh Avatar

      Did you run Command Prompt as Administrator?

  3. chayan Avatar

    i m using windows7 ultimate from last 6 months and every thing was well running but few days before i have noticed that during startup the (windows7 boot screen animation) is not working’the annimation screen sudenly shows for 2-3 seconds and procceds for wellcome screen,i did’nt get any permanent sollution;what shoud i do that the boot screen animation works properly.
    if the problem is solved i will pay for it and also
    i will be thankful to you.have a nice day….

  4. Donzzy Avatar

    It says, “…cannot be opened… access is denied….” pls help! :(

  5. bousaid Avatar

    yes … good work

  6. John Lawrence Avatar

    You can also check System Configuration (start, run, msconfig) and go to the Boot Tab, make sure No GUI Boot is not checked (un-checked).

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