While information regarding next version of Windows (well-known Windows 8 or Windows vNext) are on peak and Microsoft is hard at work to deliver the future of Windows operating system. We with inferse.com have conceptualized and made a Windows 8 theme pack for Windows 7 to say Thank You to Windows team.

Windows 8 theme pack has 4 wallpapers and uses built-in sound scheme Afternoon. All wallpapers are showcasing new Windows logo (leaked) with Microsoft tag line “Be what’s next.” with colors of Windows flag.

Windows 8 theme pack
Windows 8 Theme pack for Windows 7

To install, just download and run the .theme pack. The wallpapers are set to change every 30 minutes, but feel free to choose your own. We hope you like it!

“Be what’s next” is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


Windows 8 theme pack for Windows 7


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45 responses to “Download: Windows 8 theme pack for Windows 7”

  1. Marcos Avatar

    Não estou conseguindo baixar!
    sempre abre outra janela ao tentar baixar!

    1. Admin Avatar

      download link

  2. petrucio Avatar

    só baixar e rogama

  3. Rahul Avatar

    It’s a masterpiece….



  5. rodrigo Avatar

    hoooooooo Good very good top

  6. russo Avatar

    muito legal

  7. samuel hanã Avatar
    samuel hanã

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.ooo show very, very good topics

  8. Puneet Soni Avatar
    Puneet Soni

    Really a nice work….. The themes are awesome….. Thanks!!!!!

  9. Deca Durian Avatar
    Deca Durian

    Simple, but appealing nonetheless. Thanks.

  10. Rahul Manekari Avatar
    Rahul Manekari

    soothing work.. :)

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