Reset Mozilla Firefox to default settings without Re-installation

Sometimes, you have some problem with Firefox and you need to reset its settings to factory default by re-installation. The cause could be incompatible add-ons and extensions, in-depth modification of Stylesheet, etc.

Here is few simple steps, that reset Mozilla Firefox settings to default configuration without re-installation and its very similar to reset Firefox profile to current logged in user.

How To:

1. Start Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode.

Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)

Or Type firefox.exe -safe-mode in Run Dialog box and click on OK to run Firefox in Safemode.

2. A window appears with few checkboxes:

  • Disable All add-ons
  • Reset toolbars and controls
  • Reset bookmarks  to Firefox defaults
  • Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults
  • Restore default search engines

3. Select the highlighted one and click Make Changes and Restart.

Reset Firefox

You can reset or restore rest of things too.

Applies To:

  • Firefox 3
  • Firefox 4/5/6/7/8/9
  • Firefox 10 Beta
  • johnson dell

    Browser Tech Support 1800 935 0537

  • Bj Gallion

    i can’t get onto mozilla foxfire.icon is there but opens with bing search

  • Bj Gallion

    i can’t get onto mozilla foxfire.icon is there but opens with bing search

  • Kimberly Buckley

    i cant get into mozilla firefox only internet explorer how can i change that

  • catra

    what about firefox v5

  • Kathalein

    never mind i worked it out, just ignore my previous question :)

  • Kathalein

    after i have opened the safe mode of firefox ( i have firefox 3.6.16) there is no box that comes up, i did exactly what you said, (there was no firefox at the start menu) so i went to run and entered what you have posted, firefox opened up but still no check box…

    • Zybex

      hold shift and start firefox with the mouse

  • kenshin

    Wow, thanks a lot bro/sis for this. It works “,

  • Cynthia

    Nope, still same issue happening.
    I needed this b/c when I visit a html chat site, the chat room is not automatically refreshing. Getting message; “Firefox automatically prevented this page from redirecting to another page.” When I hit “Allow”, I get “Firefox prevented this page from automatically reloading.” When I hit “Allow” the message repeats.
    I’m guessing I clicked something to do accomplish this (duh on me) & can’t for the life of me figure out what it is & deselect it.

  • Cynthia

    That’s nice…. What if you have Firefox (newest) & have no folder in the start up menu? What do you do then? *snickering* Yes, I need resolution with this issue. No Mozilla folder in start up.

    • Author

      If it so; Open Run Dialog Box and type firefox.exe -safe-mode and click on OK to run Firefox in safe mode

  • Bossewitch

    i ran this but do not get the same screen = it’s missing the bottom box ‘make changes and restart’

    i’m from the dinosaur ages and still use windows 2000 on one of my computers.

    any idea what to do?

    • Author

      Which version of Firefox, you are using? Upgrade to latest v3.6.6