Merge or integrate Windows Vista x86 and Windows Vista x64 editions (DVDs) in a single DVD

There is a simple and straight way to merge Vista x86 and Vista x64 editions (DVDs) in a single DVD


Lets come to the point and start now.
We will merge Vista x64 editions into Vista x86 DVD, because Vista x64 DVD has 64-bit contents that can’t run under Win32 mode but Vista x86 content can run under 64-bit environment easily…and one more thing Vista x64 DVD has only four editions, so we have to execute less commands.

How To:

1. Install WAIK in your Windows (doesn’t matter you are running Vista or Windows XP) and make two folders, say Vistax64 and Vista-All and copy both Vista DVDs x64 and x86 versions correspondingly.

Copying Windows Vista DVDs

2. Run WAIK command prompt (Run As Administrator if UAC enabled)
Start > All Programs > Windows AIK > Windows AIK and PE Command Prompt

Each and every Vista edition has an unique index no. in the install.wim (WIM file), you can check using the following command.

Imagex.exe /info E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim

Display index information 

3. Execute the following command with appropriate INDEX no. to exports a copy of the specified image to another WIM file. (Vista x64 to Vista x86)

For Vista Business x64
Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 1 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim “Windows Vista Business x64”

For Vista Home Basic x64
Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 2 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim “Windows Vista Home Basic x64”

For Vista Home Premium x64
Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 3 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim “Windows Vista Home Premium x64”

For Vista Ultimate x64
Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 4 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim “Windows Vista Ultimate x64”

4. After execution of above commands Vista-All ‘s WIM file will be the universal WIM file that contains all version of Vista..! you can only export your desired only too…I have made a Vista DVD, which includes Vista Ultimate x86 and x64 version only…it fit to single layer DVD too.

5. Now the time to make bootable DVD image, Microsoft ships oscdimg.exe, a command line to make CD/DVD images with WAIK…here is the a single command that make Vista Bootable DVD ISO image.

Oscdimg.exe –u2 –bE:\Vista-All\Boot\ –lVista-All_DVD –g –t07/27/2008,05:30:00 –h E:\Vista-All E:\Vista-All.ISO

6. Now burn the ISO image in a DVD…corresponding to image file size.

Installation: All editions added

Applies To:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Daniel Swayne

    Sorry i shoul mention that i have windows vista Ultimate x64 retail.


  • Daniel Swayne

    Hello to everyone,

    i am new to this forum, could you please tell me which file in windows vista x64 bit do i have to delete in order to get all editions. I am a Computer Technician, hardware mostly with over 15 years hands on experience and i should know by now. But i have not used vista since moving to windows 7, and have not really kept up with latest stuff. Your help in this matter would be very appreciated.

    Big Up for windows valley Dan Swayne

  • Larry Duñgo

    do think is possible to merge win7 and win8 in one iso file?

  • Luigi A. Cruz

    Forget about this from my previous post. The folder where file “Oscdimg.exe” is must be the current directory and must be executed there. Executing this elsewhere will not be successful.

  • Luigi A. Cruz


    Oscdimg.exe –u2 –bE:\Vista-All\Boot\ –lVista-All_DVD –g –t07/27/2008,05:30:00 –h E:\Vista-All E:\Vista-All.ISO

    This does not work. If you type this, …

    Oscdimg.exe /u2 /bE:\Vista-All\Boot\ /lVista-All_DVD /g /t07/27/2008,05:30:00 /h E:\Vista-All E:\Vista-All.ISO

    it works.

  • Luigi A. Cruz


    Oscdimg.exe –u2 –bE:\Vista-All\Boot\ –lVista-All_DVD –g –t07/27/2008,05:30:00 –h E:\Vista-All E:\Vista-All.ISO

    The folder where file “Oscdimg.exe” is must be the current directory and must be executed there. Executing this elsewhere will not be successful.

  • Luigi A. Cruz

    File “Oscdimg.exe” must be executed in the folder where that file is.

  • Cool_geminizz

    i need help because after merging both x86 and x64 when i insert key it shows me that cannot find install.wim

  • nicktm

    I’ved search entire iso i cant see ei.cfg file.. Any idea how to convert it into multi edition. I got this iso from my original dvd using poweriso which is i bought 2 years ago for my laptop. thanks!

  • nicktm

    Its Retail sir!.

    • Author

      Windows Vista Starter disc/iso can’t be unlocked, because it doesn’t contain other editions. Windows Vista Starter edition is available via OEM Channels only. There is no Retail DVD/ISO for Vista Starter.

  • nicktm

    Sir i have windows vista starter in iso form, Can you teach me how to unlock all edition in this iso and make it all edition in one dvd. Any comment is highly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Author

      Only Retail Disc/ISO has all editions and can be unlocked!
      Is the ISO image Retail or OEM?

  • neil d

    hi have 7 zip and access to vista 32 x86 dvd can you list the versions 1-7 as i need to access correct version to resore my driver store repository.



    • Author

      Imagex.exe /info E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim
      Execute the following command to list out all available versions in a WIM image.

  • SilverGoldi

    Ramesh kumar i was trying revert copied 64 bit dvd files & trying to import x86 (32) Editions in it …….. but dont know the command for windows vista starter edition can u please tell it also needs vista server x86 & x64 commands please help me

  • Kevin

    is it possible to merge all windows 7 and vista on one double layer disk so you can install them all from one disk ?

    • ray57913

      So far it is a little harder to do then just unlocking and merging 32 and 64 bit version. You can physically merge the discs together. I have created a wim that contains the pro level of both 7 and vista, also i have merged in both server 2008 and 2008 r2. i have gotten it to see that each are there but i can only install the win 7 pro that the rest of the disc is based off of.

  • joshwa_03

    Thank You Very Much. . it worked. . I have another question though, will it be ok if I would merge both the VISTA ENTERPRISE x86 and x64 following the steps above?

    If yes, the index no of the wim files would then still be “1” as the same as your guide in the windows 7 AIO?Correct?=)

  • joshwa_03

    hello good day, I will just ask if the procedure would apply to vista ultimate sp2 ISO files(x64 and x86)) or will it only work for Vista x86 and x64 DVD’s with no service packs?

    If yes, can I use the WAIK for windows 7 in following the procedures above. . Thanky You Very Much. . .

    BTW, Just wanna let you know that your guides are really appreciated. =)

    • Author

      It works for Windows Vista SP2 too. You can follow the same for Windows 7 as well.
      btw a detail guide for Windows 7 AIO is already here: Windows 7 AIO 11-In-1

  • Author
  • One

    Ramesh Kumar can u make a new guide for windows 7 aio ? ( with all 32 bit , 64 Bit , & Enterprises Edition of 32 & 64 bit ) A biggest AIO ?

    • Author

      Sure ! you’ll get it soon definitely.

  • Admin

    Did you check install.wim after merging process? Try – imagex /info Install.wim And check the info.