Microsoft Security Essentials is a much better choice among freeware AV packages. You would have noticed, that it updates its virus definitions on first launch and it could be a bit problem on a PC, which is not connected to Internet. But you can download its offline updates appropriate for your version of Windows.

You can download the Microsoft Security Essentials from here. Microsoft Security Essentials v2.1

How To:

1. Download the latest virus and anti-malware definition update files.

2. The update files are executable files and can be installed easily without much interaction.

To verify the status MSE: Open Microsoft Security Essentials, click Update, and then see the virus and anti-malware definitions status.

28 responses to “How to download and install Microsoft Security Essentials offline updates”

  1. tonzer Avatar

    i am lookin’ for offline update pack for all mse updates since 1-1-2011 to 1-1-2012 .. any help ?

  2. Ko Hnin Avatar
    Ko Hnin

    I like Microsoft security essential because it is the best Antivirus software:-)

  3. shaahin Avatar

    I downloaded updates from the link you gave but when i run the file nothing happens
    my MSE still needs to be updated
    what should i do?

    1. Ko Hnin Avatar
      Ko Hnin

      Hi friend!
      You should reinstall the latest free version of MSE and then Update Offline or online. Thus, you will okay:-)

  4. syed rasheed Avatar
    syed rasheed

    i need to download mse offline. how could i ? ? ? help me with this!

  5. mark Avatar

    that’s weird.. you said you have a 64bit OS but the error message looks for a valid 32bit app? hmmn.. is it possible to install a 32bit mse in a 64bit OS, then running it under compatibility options?

    for me, i’ll download the latest mse 64bit installer, uninstall the one presently installed, then install the one that’s just downloaded earlier..

    then: <<<64 bit manual update

  6. Azhagu Sundhar Avatar
    Azhagu Sundhar

    I am using Windows 7 Home basic (64-bit) version OS. I installed Microsoft Security Essential Update. but microsoft security offline update(mpam-fe) is running but not updating microsoft security essential. if i install(mpam-fex64) it shows mpam-fex64.exe is not valid win32 application. i need help to update

    1. Keyurpatel Avatar

      download mpam-fex64 for your licence version of window7 ….the install mpam

    2. Azhagu Sundhar Avatar
      Azhagu Sundhar

      but its not working yaar..
      it shows mpam-fex64.exe is not valid win32 application.

    3. Rahul Avatar

      u have original windows??????

    4. Azhagu Sundhar Avatar
      Azhagu Sundhar

      yes… Soni Vaio E series… Windows 7 Home basic (64-bit) version OS.

  7. NeedHelp Avatar

    uh….I can use Internet only at a Cafe but i want to update my desktop can someone plz help me with the patching

    1. NeedMoreHelp Avatar

      PLZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP!!!!

  8. Hello Avatar


  9. Realdemons Avatar

    It Really Great!

  10. mse Avatar

    microsoft security essentials is a good antivirus and free ! the heuristic is good

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