How to Uninstall/Clean MySQL from Windows completely

MySQL Logo

Yesterday, I was installing MySQL in my PC running Windows 7 x64 and suddenly the installation meshed up while configuring post installation settings. I tried to uninstall/re-install it again but couldn’t get success. Finally I decided to get rid of MySQL manually and followed these steps to uninstall MySQL from Windows completely. NOTE: The method […]

FIX: Blurred Text problem with core fonts in Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 10

You may have noticed “IE9 is showing blurred text in some core fonts then text displayed in IE8.” I observed while I was on Facebook and found that IE9 is not rendering few core fonts as sharp as in IE8 and impacted fonts are Arial, Verdana and Tahoma. “This issue occurs because of a design […]

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will be past very soon

Windows Vista Logo

Microsoft is ending support for Windows Vista SP1. Windows Vista SP1 will be past very soon after July 12, 2011. Ending of support means that Microsoft will no longer provide updates for Vista SP1. So it is advised to upgrade Windows Vista SP1 to SP2 as soon as possible which is available at no cost. […]

How to Extract/Unpack .MSU files

Windows Update

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft started to deliver Windows Update/Security Update packages in .MSU file format which is standard compressed archive file and contains update metadata files and payload. I was asked by a reader today about how to extract the content of .MSU files, so they can be easily deployed to Windows image (.wim) file […]

Microsoft adds support for Indian Rupee Symbol

Indian Rupee Symbol

Last summer, Indian Govt. announced the official symbol of India currency Rupee, to join an elite group of countries like US dollar, euro, which have a distinct symbol of currency. The Rupee symbol design includes both Devnagiri ‘Ra’ and the Roman capital ‘R’ and has two parallel lines running at the top, which symbolize the […]

Remove Unnecessary Backup Files after installing Service Pack in Windows to get free space

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You may be running out of space after installing SP1 in Windows 7, but we can reclaim around 640MB of space by cleaning unnecessary backup files. When you install SP1, it takes backup of old system files that are updated by a Service Pack. So if you are sure you won’t uninstall SP1 and happy with […]

How to Change Product Key in Windows 7 and Windows Vista


Sometimes we need to change or re-enter the product keys in Windows 7, Windows Vista or their Server variants to solve Windows Activation problems or to activate your Windows (30 Day Trial) after buying a genuine license or to upgrade Windows from one edition to another one. To know more about Upgrade paths of Windows […]

How to Create Windows 7 Bootable DVD using Nero


We have already blogged that how we can create a bootable DVD of Windows Vista and  Windows 7 using WAIK(Windows Automated Installation Kit) as Microsoft does. WAIK is specifically targeted to Windows Vista and Windows 7 and nobody likes to download such a big Toolkit to create just a bootable DVD. Today we have come […]

Set Custom Time Duration for Notification Messages are displayed


This guide helps you to choose how long notifications are displayed on the screen before they close. If you think, notification messages close as soon as you pay attention to them and their message duration should be higher than current settings, this guide lets you to choose preset time settings and custom time duration for […]

Get underlined Keyboard Shortcuts and Access Keys permanently


If you are fond of Keyboard and usually use it to operate your PC without mouse. This tip makes the keyboard easier to use and highlights access keys of controls. In the Windows world, all controls on dialog boxes fire events to accomplish the tasks, that’s why Windows Form Controls are known as Event Driven […]