Fix: Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled.

You might have faced the problem, when you try to run Windows Media Player. An error dialog box appears “Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled.”

Literally it happens due to mismatch version of some core Windows Media Player files. Following reasons may cause the problem like this-

  • Windows Updates might have failed to installed Windows Media Player updates.
  • You might have patched Windows Media Player files like wmplayer.exe, wmp.dll and so on.

The error messages may differ, but primarily it state

Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled. Do you want to reinstall from Microsoft website?

Windows Media Player is not installed properly

By following guide, you can also get rid of following errors-

“The file wmp.dll has a version 12.0.XXXX.YYYY where 12.0.AAAA.BBBB was expected. Windows media player is not properly installed and must be reinstalled. Do you want to reinstall from Microsoft website?”

“The file wmplayer.exe has a version 12.0.XXXX.YYYY where 12.0.AAAA.BBBB was expected. Windows media player is not properly installed and must be reinstalled. Do you want to reinstall from Microsoft website?”

“The file wmploc.dll has a version 12.0.XXXX.YYYY where 12.0.AAAA.BBBB was expected. Windows media player is not properly installed and must be reinstalled. Do you want to reinstall from Microsoft website?”

The major version of Windows Media Player may differ as per your Windows and Windows Media Player, for case it is 12

How To:

1. Close all Windows Media Player instances and Run Command Prompt as Administrator

2. Execute the following command-



3. That’s it, now you can re-launch Windows Media Player and you won’t get error message anymore.

Applies To:

  • Windows Media Player 11
  • Windows Media Player 12
  • Royal

    Step 1 .Delete Window Media Player Folder in (C: Program File x86) if u can’t delete it (before delete u can copy and back up if not sure) then use {iobit unlocker} to Unlock and Delete it.
    Step 2 . Copy Window Media Player Folder in ( C: Program File) to (C: Program File x86)
    It worked for me. I am happy now :D Try it if u think it could help for u (Friend).

  • Joe

    Tried to start wmsetup.exe and a message that said “there is a newer version already installed, can’t use an earlier version to setup the program.

  • Joe

    Thanks. I’ve been putting up with WMP crap trying to fix it for 2 yrs. Been told I had to re-install Windows to get this to work. I gave up and got several other media players. Thank you. Thank you.!!!!!!!!

  • HIN

    Christian thanks for your helps, thats very awesome

  • Jack Simpson

    Mine still doesn’t work :/

  • kayemgee

    I have had this same problem with WMP and can’t update it.  Could you just reassure me that I won’t lose any music content if I follow these instruction? 

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  • Bernard

    When I’m in the command prompt. It says it’s not recognized the the internal and external command. Damn it

  • MGswimstar2

    Thanks it helped!

  • CalMcBig

    I have spent 3 hrs on this , trying all sorts of fixes from Micrsoft (waste of time) and others and withing 5 mins of trying your Fix , Sorted , Thnkyou

  • Fulgore_vr

    CHRISTIAN, I REALLY want to tell you sth> I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Raquel

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  • Tri Nguyen

    When i put this UNREGMP2.EXE /UPDATEWMPVERSION on command prompt and press enter they didn’t do anything… so whay should i do .. ( i use window 7 ) … can you help me… tks

  • Briony

    Wow, that Christian person, their method actually worked. :|

    I’m kind of surprised to be honest. I’ve been looking for solutions to this problem for about half an hour, and I was seriously losing hope. There was no way I’d do a System Restore, so I figured it was Goodbye WMP. So, thankyou kind fellow, lol. Very much appreciated.

  • Yuri

    Thank you very much christian, it works.

  • Bdo

    I’m having the same problems and tried everything above…and still it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • baidu

    Thank you so much for your tip, it resolved my issue which was bugging me for the last 2 days..

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    Thank you so much for your tip, it resolved my issue which was bugging me for the last 2 days..

    Thank you so much…

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    Solved with your troubleshooting technique..

    Thanks for the help

  • Virg

    I have tried TROUBLESHOOTING and what CHRISTIAN suggest and COMMAND PROMT nothing works.
    I have tried to turn of WMP 12 on my Windows 7 and still nothing. I get the message over and over.

    Please Help!

  • christian

    i found a solution…

    this is for windows 7…
    click start and locate windows media player in there…dont click, instead right click on it and properties…click the “shortcut” tab…check in the “target”, is it says this:(“%ProgramFiles*86%Windows Media Playerwmplayer.exe”) or something like that….delete “*86″…and the delete the rest after the qoutations…i forgot what it says the last time…but im pretty sure its like “prefetch=1″ or something…delete that…
    and still in shortcut tab…check in the “startin” delete *86 too…and try opening the media player again…see if it works

    • Emily

      That WORKED! Thank you because nothing else worked and I didn’t want to do a system restore. You are awesome!!!

    • use_vlc

      Yes, this one worked flawlessly. Thanks a bunch! Even still I use vlc as main player, just have to use wmp for drm protected files…

    • rio

      christian can you just tell me what kind of sentence must be after deleting this files ?????

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    • mememe

      OMG – I JUST JIZZED MY PANTS! I have been trying to get my WMP to work ever since I first installed windows 7 when it first came out. This finally fixed it.

  • Tim

    1. First, please delte the DRM folder on your computer. Depending on your OS, it can be found in different locations:
    * Windows 2000 and XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM
    * Windows 98: C:\Windows\All Users\DRM
    * Windows Millennium Edition: C:\Windows\DRM
    If you cannot find the folder, it may be ‘hidden’. Please use the following steps to view hidden files and folders.
    * In Windows Explorer go to Tools > Folder Options > View
    * Under ‘Hidden files and folders’ heading, make the following changes:
    o Select ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders’
    o Un-check ‘Hide Protected Operating System Files’
    * Click the button ‘Apply to All Folders’. This will ensure the changes affect all folders on the system.

  • Kate

    Sorry, I run Windows XP. On Windows XP the resolution is:

    Start -> Run -> Type in: %SystemRoot%\inf\unregmp2.exe /UpdateWMP -> OK

    Besides, I found a solution to my problem:

    1. Uninstall Windows Media Player 11 and Restart.
    2. Uninstall Windows Media Format 11 Runtime and Restart.
    3. Reset existing DRM License Key by deleting the contents (hidden) of DRM Folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\

    4. Install Windows Media Player 11.
    5. Go to Microsoft secure server for WMP DRM individualization.


    • Bas

      Thanks that worked for me too.

    • Christopher Robin

      Yay, your Start/Run solution worked where others failed. Thanks! :-)

  • Kate

    1. I receive this message:

    “Windows Media Player is not installed properly. Reinstall the Player.”

    when WMP11 opens DRM protected videos as well as when trying to start WMP DRM individualization process at Microsoft secure server:

    2. The problem appeared after System restore to a previous restore point, made a day earlier, when WMP11 played DRM protected videos without problems.

    3. The above solution did not work as such a file “unregmp2.exe” does not exist on my C:\ drive.

    4. Other solutions ?


    • Author

      unregmp2.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32 folder. So move to that folder and execute the given command. Like:
      C:\Windows\System32>unregmp2.exe /UPDATEWMP

  • Alicia

    How do I get to the C:\Windows\System32 ? I tried several times under “run” and nothing happens.


    Got a somewhat different problem … media player somehow got uninstalled from Win 7 64 and Microsoft insists there is no download available for my system to reinstall it … and I can’t find anywhere on the Win 7 install disc to install, reinstall or repair features (XP was much more user friendly in that regard) … the only option seems to be to reinstall the whole program. (Which can’t be right, so I’m probably missing something.)

    Have tried to install older versions of MP, but get the dread “newer version” error and the unreg code doesn’t fix it … do I really have to go into the registry and weed every single reference to media player out by hand to install, say, Media Player 11, or is there a Windows 12 download (apparently I need version 7600.16415 or newer) somewhere on the black market.

    I mean, really, OK, Microsoft is stupid, dump and as covered with disease carrying flies as a pile of rocks covered with steer manure always and forever, but even for the Redmond Rapists not providing a download to repair or reinstall a key component of their latest, so-called greatest operating system is beyond the pale.

    Not that anyone in their right mind would voluntarily use Media Player for anything, but, sadly, the issue of voluntarily doesn’t enter into the equation when third-party vendors like Napster or Rhapsody demand you have it on your hard drive to access various of their functions.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Manu Bhalla

    I dont get how to execute the command… where do i type the command and how do i execute it??

  • Glenn

    I’ve tried this several times and it does not work. It comes back and says “not an internal or external recognized command” or something like that. Any other ideas?

    • Author

      You must run Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as Administrator and execute the command from C:\Windows\System32

  • Mitch

    Sadly it didn’t work for me, after trying several times, no dice

  • Monica

    I can’t believe that such problem can’t be fixed!
    Seems so simple, but no one can say what’s going on, all the steps done and nothing, bah.
    Well perhaps someday…

  • hun

    No go on my Win 7 either… I have re-nstalled this version at least 7 times:-) and still it is not what i was expeting.. I want my computer back!! I know the DLL file problem with the Windows Media Player but Ihave no privalage to fix it:-(

  • Khim

    Thank it helped me to fix this issue in Windows Vista.

  • Monica Santos

    Thanks for the prompt answer but I did the steps you’ve described many (several times) and well those steps doesn’t help as I use a notebook I need to enhance my sound, and reinstall eveything right now is not an option I am so tired of that…
    Thank you so much again.



  • Monica Santos

    Greetings thanks for all the useful tools and tips, I made the download of Fix WMP and run the program, but my main problem is:

    01 – When I start to listening to the music this info does not appear at my Live Messenger no matter what I try, I cannot fix such problem;
    02 – Since WMP 11 I use DFX Sound Enhancer and SCII Decoder v. 1.4.2 (what gives me the surround sound);

    Is possible to find a way to fix my problem?

    Thanks in advance.



    • Author

      To show current playing track as the Live messenger status, you need to check two settings-
      1. Goto Windows Media Player Options (Tools menu >> Options), on Plug-ins tab chick on Background under Category and then select Windows Media Player Music Plugin. Click on Ok or Apply to commit changes. It may require to restart your Windows Media Player.
      2. Sign-in Live Messenger, click on Status Split button and choose Show what I’m listening to
      FYI: DFX Sound Enhancer gives your sorround sound, SCII Decoder is the plugin, that might be installed by some 3rd party applications.